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#6839: Loading stuff deprecated in BP 1.2 is probably overkill by now
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 We load bp-core/deprecated/ all the time unless `BP_IGNORE_DEPRECATED` is
 set (which it never really is, because who knows about it?), and this
 means we're loading significant amounts of old code. I'm adding to it in
 BP 2.5 with email changes, and that introduces about 800 lines of backpat
 which will run through a filter every time an email is sent.

 On the other hand, I don't want to break people running old plugins past
 their sell-by dates.
 I'd like to suggest that, like other areas of BP:

 * If the site is a new install (not an upgrade from a previous version),
 we DO NOT load the deprecated files.
 * If the site is an upgrade, we DO load the deprecated files.

 This gives slight improvement to new sites, while not breaking old sites.
 And avoids any long political discussions about how long we want to
 maintain support for these things (that's worth having, to be clear, but
 not to hold up this suggestion if we like it).

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