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#6482: Comment syncing between activity and post comments for Custom Post Types
 Reporter:  shanebp                               |       Owner:  imath
     Type:  enhancement                           |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal                                |   Milestone:  2.5
Component:  Component - Blogs                     |     Version:  2.2
 Severity:  normal                                |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  needs-testing dev-feedback has-patch  |

Comment (by r-a-y):


 Thanks for working on this and apologies for not looking at this ticket

 I spent the last day or so looking at the code and I really appreciate the
 thought that has gone into making sure that the "Show" dropdown filter
 will work for post types that have registered comment tracking support.

 Here are my notes:

 '''1. action vs. type'''

 This isn't really a problem with `03.patch`, but is a problem we've had
 since BP v1.5.

 Since BP v1.2, in `bp_has_activities()`, we accept a parameter called
 `'action'`, which is really the activity `'type'`.

 However, we also have several functions such as
 `bp_activity_action_name()` that are marked as deprecated since BP v1.5 in
 favor for their activity `'type'` equivalent function.

 In multiple parts of `03.patch`, we reference the activity `'action'`.
 Should we be referring to the the activity `'type'` instead?

 '''2. bp_activity_action_is_post_tracking_action( $action_id ) and
 bp_activity_action_supports_comments_tracking( $action_id ) functions'''

 Instead of introducing these two new functions, I've created one function
 called `bp_activity_type_supports()`, which works similar to WP's
 `post_type_supports()` function and gives us some flexibility if we decide
 to add more features to BP activity types in the future.

 So instead of `bp_activity_action_supports_comments_tracking( $action_id
 )`, we can use `bp_activity_type_supports( $activity_type, 'comment-
 tracking' )` instead.

 In `bp_activity_type_supports()`, you can also see that I also translated
 `bp_activity_action_is_post_tracking_action()` over to what I named

 In `03b.patch` (requires `03.patch` to be applied first), I've replaced
 all instances of `bp_activity_action_supports_comments_tracking()` and
 `bp_activity_action_is_post_tracking_action()` with
 `bp_activity_type_supports()`.  Let me know what you think of the
 `bp_activity_type_supports()` function.

 Perhaps the function should be renamed to `bp_activity_action_supports()`
 instead? :)

 '''3. Performance tweaks when the activity component is not active.'''

 If for some reason, a site admin decides to disable the Activity
 component, we shouldn't load any of the activity code for the Blogs

 In `03b.patch`:

 - I've moved `BP_Blogs_Component::post_tracking_args()` from `bp-blogs-
 loader.php` to `bp-blogs-activity.php`.
 - I'm also conditionally loading `bp-blogs-activity.php` if the Activity
 component is active.  This does change a few functions that were
 previously always available such as `bp_blogs_record_activity()` and
 `bp_blogs_delete_activity()`, but those functions always checked to see if
 the Activity component was active anyway.

 '''4. Creating an activity item for an existing WordPress post.'''

 This isn't really related to comment tracking, but when using the code
 snippet from comment:15 during testing, I tried to edit an existing WP
 page and hoped that would create an activity item for the page.  It did

 I think we should go ahead and create the activity item in this case.
 Patch adds support for this by adding a check in
 `bp_activity_catch_transition_post_type_status()` and adds a unit test.

 I also removed an older unit test that explicitly checked that a post edit
 should not create a new activity.



 '''1. Should we move the majority of the "Post Comment Synchronization"
 function hooks from bp-blogs-activity.php to the Activity component (under

 The reason I ask is `03.patch` already deprecates a few of our older blog-
 specific activity functions such as `bp_blogs_record_comment()` and

 We probably should move those functions over to the Activity component as

 '''2. Potential problem with wp_new_comment()'''

 If a dev programatically adds a comment using `wp_new_comment()`, this
 bypasses checks for the post's comment status.  So even if a post's
 'comment_status' is set to 'closed', a comment can still be added with
 that function.  Since this is mostly a WordPress thing, I don't think we
 need to do anything here, but thought I'd mention it.

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