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#6827: Add BP top level menu and Admin Page to Improve User Experience
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 This is a proposal to add back the BuddyPress top level menu. It will have
 two links: `Settings` and `Admin Links`. The “Settings” link goes to our
 `Settings > BuddyPress` screen and the “Admin Links” points to a new panel
 after the `What’s New` and the `Credits` panels.

 '''BP Top Level Menu''' brings easy access to the Settings > BuddyPress
 configuration screens.
 * For new site admins: After activating BuddyPress, they are brought to
 our `Welcome Screen` (About Page) and then they don’t know  what to do
 next. They might go to either the `Plugins Installed` page if they
 remembered that there is link to the BuddyPress `Settings` page there, or
 go to [https://codex.buddypress.org/ codex.buddypress.org] to find the
 answer in the `Getting Started` section, or search on Google. We will
 eliminate the need to do either.
 * For new site admins and veteran developers: Instead of scrolling all the
 way down to the `Settings` menu in wp-admin, and then scrolling again way
 down the list of default Settings links to find the link to BuddyPress,
 the 7th link from top of the submenu. The `Settings` top level menu is
 10th link from the top when BP is activated  or the 14th link from the top
 when BP and bbPress are both activated. That’s a long way down when on
 desktop much more when on mobile.

 '''New Admin panel''' provides site admins with all the available
 links/info to BP assets in wp-admin.
 * Covers all the BP administration screens/links which are activated or
 must-use. See the Backend Administration Panels I listed in
 https://codex.buddypress.org/administrator-guide/ for an example.
 * Can add a section below for BuddyPress plugins which are hosted in the
 WordPress Plugin Repository to hook into after being activated with links
 to their respective settings screens, if any, etc.

 '''Pros''': All of the above-mentioned.
 '''Cons''': None :)

 Screenshot of this enhancement as  implemented in a recent project I
 worked on will be attached.

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