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#7233: Updating user profile produces confirmation email error
 Reporter:  stuartshepherd  |       Owner:
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Component:  Core            |     Version:  2.6.2
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Comment (by stuartshepherd):

 Hi @r-a-y

 Thanks for the simple tip. Deactivating them both still produced the
 error. However, when I re-activated the first SMTP plugin, checked the
 settings (which are going to a none godaddy relay) and tried sending a
 test email, I got an error showing that 'invalid address: test' happened.

 So it is obviously something inside these settings.

 I am sure I read somewhere that GoDaddy does not allow you to use external
 SMTP relays on port 25.

 Do you know if this is actually the case ?.

 For info, the settings are using an SMTP relay we have at work for other
 general stuff and we know it is active although I will get this double


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