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#7179: UI to Add New Group Type in wp-admin
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Comment (by dcavins):

 This is an interesting addition, and something I would like to work on.

 Before getting started, though, I have a question about how we'd store
 these new items. At the moment, member and group types refer to taxonomy
 terms behind the scenes, but are made active by being registered at load
 via code hooked to the `bp_groups_register_group_types` action.

 So, it'd be relatively straightforward to add a taxonomy-like interface to
 add/remove the actual types as terms, but what strategy do we want to take
 to register these new terms at load? Are we wanting to add them to a
 record in the options table (or similar), then add a query at load to see
 if there are any terms that need to be dynamically registered? Maybe we
 could use term meta for this, and identify the terms added via the
 interface as active (minimum supported WP version would have to be 4.4--
 we're at 4.2 now)?

 @r-a-y and @boonebgorges have worked extensively on types; do either of
 you have thoughts about how to work with the registration piece?

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