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#7207: track code coverage
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Comment (by djpaul):

 In [changeset:"10997"]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="10997"
 Travis-CI: adds code coverage with https://codecov.io

 Adds a new Travis-CI task which runs PHPUnit with code coverage enabled.
 The results are piped to codecov.io, which we're experimenting with to
 progress on our code's test coverage as the project grows.

 Code coverage generation is very slow. To try to minimise the impact on
 rest of our Travis-CI configuration, the new `travis:codecoverage` task is
 set in the `allowed_failures` section, which means Travis-CI should report
 test pass/fail without waiting for the code coverage generation.

 Another effort to speed this up has Travis-CI running the code coverage
 on PHP7 with `phpdbg`, as opposed to relying on `xdebug`, which is the

 See #7207 and https://codecov.io/gh/buddypress/BuddyPress

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