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#6712: Screen notifications settings page
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 I've been doing thinking about this recently. I remembered some
 discussions Boone, John, Rocío, and I, had at the last WCSF:
 Please read the "Activity component" section. It broadly covers a concept
 designed to overhaul how any kind of notification is done internally, and
 the flexibility that it would provide to the core BuddyPress experience,
 and for developers. I still believe this is a worthy goal.

 The general idea that any kind of action on a site triggers an event which
 handles sending notifications to affected user. "Email" or "toolbar" would
 just become one type of notification (not dissimilar from how WordPress
 supports post types -- it's still a content type, just handled

 I'm not intending to de-rail this ticket by saying "we shouldn't build
 this until we have that other thing done", but just that consideration is
 given to this future goal so we can make the best decisions for today
 without stitching ourselves up in the future.

 '''1) The existing "[user] > Settings > Emails" screen should encompass
 both Emails and Toolbar notifications.'''

 There should not be a separate screen for each *type* of notification. For
 example, if we ever wanted to add SMS Text Message support to BuddyPress
 core (an unlikely example), having to introduce a third notification
 screen for text messages -- with virtually the same layout as toolbar and
 emails -- is a very poor user experience.

 In terms of what this means for this feature, rather than "yes" and "no"
 as options, we could have something like a radio button for each
 notification type for "only email", "only toolbar", "both".

 We don't need to build UI support for any kind of custom notification type
 API at the moment (apart from basic hooks and filters) because the
 underlying notifications PHP architecture will require a substantial

 '''2) The underlying implementation for updating/fetching email or toolbar
 notification preferences doesn't need to be unified yet.'''

 We can use the new functions you've proposed for toolbar notifications,
 and the existing functions for email notifications, etc. These can be
 unified in the future if/when the subscription changes occur.


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