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#7024: BP no longer filters `wp_mail_from_name` when using `wp_mail()`
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 An example from the forums:


 For anyone that's already familiar with customizing WordPress's
 `wp_mail()` function, BuddyPress introduces an entirely new set of
 conventions that do not inherit WordPress's.

 Here are the commonly used WordPress filters `wp_mail()` has that
 BuddyPress does not have:

 * `wp_mail_from` (Done #6999?)
 * `wp_mail_from_name` (Done #6999?)
 * `wp_mail_charset`
 * `wp_mail_content_type`
 * `wp_mail_failed`
 * `wp_mail_original_content`


 For reference, BuddyPress avoided using `wp_mail()` because of its
 pluggable nature. I'd like to suggest this blocker be revisited (here or
 elsewhere's.) `wp_mail()` is widely used and relied upon, and not using

 * creates a negative developer experience
 * increases the learning curve of interacting with BP Email
 * increases our maintenance overhead of BuddyPress's codebase
 * duplicates a pretty significant portion of PHPMailer & friends

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