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#6951: Add comments for translators in accessibility strings
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Comment (by slaFFik):

 English words/phrases are shorter, than Russian. And there are lots of
 places in BP, where short English (that is the language of development)
 word looks ok, taking small amount of space, and appropriate Russian
 translation is way longer and looks uglier. In such places it's very
 important in ru_RU to get the shortest form possible, yet not losing the
 meaning - and it takes time and several variants to choose from.
 And for accessibility text the short translation is not that important,
 and translation can be done quicker and easier - with a longer version of
 Russian text.

 So, yes, I would translate such text a little bit different, with less
 efforts and time spent.

 Regarding source code reference - it's just insanely slow. Waiting when
 trac with appropriate file and line will load sometimes takes forever.
 Glotpress itself is slow too, but not THAT slow as
 I've just tested to a open a reference to a random string from
 Glotpress/BuddyPress - it took 25 seconds.

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