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#7011: Multisite - deleted users not removed from groups
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Comment (by imath):

 I wasn't able to reproduce.

 I've tested this :
 1. Multisite, BuddyPress activated on root blog but not network widely
 2. Multisite, BuddyPress activated network widely

 In both cases, even if the user has a role on another site of the network
 the user is *completely* deleted and not removed from the site.

 So i'm a bit surprised of the behavior you described. Because as we are
 using `wpmu_delete_user()` in `bp_core_delete_account()` and not
 `remove_user_from_blog()` to me there's no way the user is not completely
 deleted without a plugin or a script playing in this area.

 I agree case 1 is a bit annoying to me, and another case is possibly a bit
 more annoying: On the main blog of the network we have a regular
 administrator. BuddyPress is activated on a subsite. The Administrator
 wants to be out of the BuddyPress users of the subsite, so he delete his
 account thinking it's only removing him from this site. And boom!

 But if we simply remove the user from the blog, his account will still be
 available and he would still be listed in members.

 So clicking on delete my account means delete my account on all sites of
 the network :)

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