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#6999: "BP Email to WP Mail From Bridge" plugin should be in core?
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 Developers know the filter doesn't work, site owners only know that,
 maybe, emails aren't being delivered since 2.5. The decision at launch was
 to require people to re-implement such filters using our new API, but, it
 turns out that SMTP is a very finicky beast.

 I have been tracking as many email support threads on the forums as I can
 since the 2.5 release. From sites/owners I have spoken to, the absence of
 `wp_mail_from` and/or `wp_mail_from_name` filters does seem to cause
 certain SMTP servers to refuse to deliver email depending on
 configuration, though I am still following up with 2 or 3 people via email
 to be 100% sure. At least, I can ask them now to try this plugin to easily
 prove/disprove this.

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