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#6592: Email API and customisation features
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 Hi @shanebp, thanks for taking a look and your feedback. Of course willing
 to discuss ideas. :)

 * `$email_type` is meant to represent a unique type of email message. For
 example, "new_user", "new_private_message". If we sent the exact same
 email in multiple distinct situations, I'd agree we need a distinguishing
 parameter. But I'm not sure this situation exists -- can you think of one
 I'm missing?
 * `bp_send_email` is still not finished, there will be more filters. :)
 Filter all the things!
 * If you want filters to programatically change an email, also note the
 `BP_Email` class has many filters.
 * But if you have filters in place to want to be able change how the
 emails are delivered (or not), the new `BP_Email_Delivery` class interface
 will be the best place to do that. Hoping to have this fleshed out pretty
 very soon.

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