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#6629: Accept array for the parameter  item_id for bp_activity_add() function
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 For a project I am working on I want my custom activity to have dynamic
 content of the post that invokes the activity when it is created instead
 of the static data that is passed to the activity's 'content' parameter, I
 achieved this by passing the post id as the secondary_item_id when the
 activity is created and then creating a custom entry.php template that
 displays activity content based on the secondary item_id (i.e featured
 image and exerpt) this works well. The problem is i now have activities
 that are suppose to show multiple posts in the activity content (don't ask
 how or why). Using the method above I can simply save the post id's into
 the secondary_item_id parameter as an array or comma separated string and
 then later display them by executing a loop.

 The problem is that bp_activity_add() only accepts numbers(no spaces or
 letters ) and it will not accept an array either. I am no PHP developer
 but can secondary_item_id not accept an array or comma string or perhaps
 should there not be another parameter where this can be stored. i ended up
 using the content parameter to store a comma separated list of post IDs.
 It is untidy because by default the activity function will display this
 info yet I want it hidden.

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