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#6619: Extensible Verified User Core Function
 Reporter:  Tafmakura            |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement          |     Status:  new
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 I think it's about time buddypress introduces a simple yet extensible
 "verified" user feature that can be used as an extensible tool by theme
 developers and plugin authors, while still being very useful to site
 owners out of the box. This will be even more useful as buddypress takes
 on more of a user management role in the backend. The idea is to have a
 feature where an admin can mark some users as verified users in the
 backend, just that, this will then a add an entry in the user meta for
 example bp_is_verified which has a yes or no value, new bp boolean
 function can then be added to test user verification ie
 bp_is_user_verified( $user_id ) & bp_is_displayed_user_verified() just

 Users and site admins will LOVE this as a new feature but also...
 User verification is an increasingly important thing in social networks
 and is a simple enough feature to add to buddypress core, leaving this to
 plugins creates multiple replication of this simple feature that are done
 by different plugins and adding unnecessary database entries and calls, it
 also makes it difficult for other plugins to share this feature on the
 same site without creating their own database table and admin interface,
 However, if this comes with buddypress out of the box, the admin will only
 need to verify a user once and any plugins or themes that need the
 verified feature will get data from thgis one entry, also because the
 verification value will now exist in bp_database, themes and plugins will
 now support it out of the box without messing with or altering the
 database, also multiple plugins will now be able to work with one single
 core verification for things like verified badges, access control or
 notifications, the admin will also need to verify a user once.

 User verification badges (THE BIG ONE!!!)
 A New layer of control for conditional logic
 Access control plugins
 Theme display

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