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Thu Sep 10 18:01:49 UTC 2015

#5757: Add a "data-timestamp" attribute to all templates requiring timestamps
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Comment (by Tafmakura):

 As a typical user I think this feature is critical, this is standard
 practice with most other social networks to have an activity feed that,
 well....  just works... and I wouldn't want my buddypress powered site
 having a wonky activity feed that makes no sense to the user. This should
 be an out of the box feature, users don't appreciate plugins that rely on
 other plugins for basic core functionality.

 Is it not possible for buddypress to release a jetpack like collection of
 plugins that can serve as a bridge between Core features and must have
 features that are not ready for core, things like the followers plugin and
 bp relative come to mind.If there is an existing ticket please guide me to
 that ticket or I shall open one "forthwith"

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