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#6606: Visibility issues with BP_Activity_List_Table::row_actions()
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 A few things:

 * `WP_List_Table::row_actions()` is protected in 4.3, and as far back as
 * BuddyPress uses `protected` in Activity & Groups, but `public` in
 * BuddyPress claims to support as far back to WordPress 3.8, but
 `row_actions()` was an assumed `public` method until WordPress 4.0.

 Ways to address this:
 * Make BuddyPress's `row_actions()` methods public, which should still
 function on top of `protected` methods in WordPress 4.3 without fatal
 errors, though this should be tested to confirm. Debug notices here would
 be acceptable IMO, considering the circumstances.
 * Bump the support version to WordPress 4.0 in the next BuddyPress release
 (2.4) so this becomes a non-issue, support wise.
 * The base `WP_List_Table` class was always extended at our own risk, so
 we could, in theory, invent our own `BP_List_Table` base class that is
 essentially a copy of `WP_List_Table` but specialized to the needs of
 BuddyPress. This is a bad idea, but it's an option that may eventually be
 necessary if `WP_List_Table` support is never officially supported.

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