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#6686: Users marked as spam are visible in friends list
 Reporter:  finzend              |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)         |      Status:  new
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I can't reproduce either. Here's a bit more on what should happen, and
 what is probably happening.

 When a user is marked as spam, `friends_remove_data()` ought to be called.
 In this function, BuddyPress deletes all friend data associated with the
 spammed user. That is, the friendships are no longer listed in the
 database at all. So when you view a former friend's list of friends -
 populated by `friends_get_friend_user_ids()` (see `BP_User_Query`) - the
 spammed user should never show up.

 If you're still seeing the spammed user in friend lists, one of several
 things must be happening:
 * `friends_remove_data()` is never being called. This can happen because
 `bp_make_spam_user` is not being called, or because the Friends component
 is not loaded properly at the time of spamming.
 * `BP_Friends_Friendship::delete_all_for_user()` is failing for some

 Is BuddyPress network-activated on your multisite installation? If not, is
 it activated on blog 1, or is it a secondary site? It could be that BP is
 not fully loaded on wp-admin/network/users.php.

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