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#6651: Welcome Screen for BP 2.4.0
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Comment (by imath):

 Hi mercime thanks for your work on the welcome screen.

 A few suggestions:

 1/ the {image} part.
 I think the Uploader UI is not new, it's basically the 2.3 one adapted to
 Cover Images. So if we want to put the cover image into the featured part,
 i suggest to show a screencap of a Group's header having a cover image.
 The group could be "BuddyPress Group", the group's photo > BuddyPress logo
 and the cover image could be any photo. So the title for this part would
 be "Cover Images for Groups & Members"
 In the detailled explanation maybe remove 'The cover image UI is another
 example....." to only keep learn more link.

 2/ The finer points.
 I think we shouldn't talk about the UX improvements on the Activity Post
 - Because this arrived into core yesterday and i'm not completely sure
 there won't be any difficulty with some themes. I'm thinking about BP
 Default for instance.
 - Improvements about the Textarea (Autosize) has been delayed to 2.5 i

 But that's a personal fear. If everyone agree to add this, i'm ok.

 Instead i think i would talk about the Accessibility improvements you've
 been working on. Because like having BuddyPress in our native language, i
 think this topic is another important one.

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