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#6161: Group Bulk Edit
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 Thanks for suggesting this functionality. I'm interested in any
 improvements to the groups section of wp-admin.

 Before working on this piece, though, I'd like to think about what group
 attributes make sense to be bulk edited. With WP posts (the interface
 where we're used to seeing bulk edits), an admin can set taxonomy term
 associations and various status settings, like published, sticky, and
 more. Changes to taxonomy terms are additive, meaning if "Post 1" has the
 term `alpha` and "Post 2" has the term `beta`, then bulk editing those
 posts and selecting the term `gamma` will result in  "Post 1" having the
 terms `alpha` and `gamma` and  "Post 2" having the terms `beta` and
 `gamma`. Also, in the bulk editing interface, none of the terms appear to
 be checked, so it's not trying to show you the current state. (Also note
 that the various status dropdowns default to "no change".)

 With groups, the only status that is included in BP-vanilla is "Privacy:
 Public, Private, Hidden", but we'd need to add hooks so that plugins could
 add their own bulk status updates, say for group categories or whatever.
 If we were to add user management, would it make sense to show
 `Add an Admin [___________]`, `Add a Mod [___________]` and `Add a Member
 [___________]` entry fields?

 How would we handle the results if you add `Johnny` to each group as a
 member, but he's a mod in one group and an admin in another? Would he be
 demoted? Does that make sense if we're following WP's additive approach?
 Would he only be added to groups to which he doesn't currently belong?

 Thanks for your suggestion; let's figure out what makes sense before we
 try to make any changes.

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