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#5762: WP Multi Network plugin & BP 2.0.1 signup
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Comment (by needle):

 Replying to [comment:4 r-a-y]:
 > Misread your post!

 To be fair, I may have misread the original ticket as well!

 I'm not entirely sure the issue I identified is actually the cause of the
 behaviour described by @summoner. On re-reading the ticket, it's asking
 for separated signups per network, yet BP Multi Network specifically
 states that it doesn't separate signups between networks.

 Whilst the SQL errors as a result of targeting a non-existent 'signups'
 table are real, they don't actually prevent signups on the non-main
 network. They do, however, break all the checks to the signups table that
 BuddyPress makes on the non-main network - for example the 'Manage
 Signups' page is non-functional. I wonder if the OP could have been
 getting confused by the broken behaviour?

 > Does `bp_core_get_table_prefix()` even need to be added to `buddypress

 I wondered about this too, but it seems to get more complex and involved
 the more I think about it. Ultimately, I don't think it's worth BuddyPress
 doing any heavy-lifting here at all, given that the current code works
 just fine in all situations except a BP Multi Network context...

 > Regardless, I think we could add a filter for devs that need this.

 Thanks - it seems better to let BP Multi Network do the filtering of
 `$wpdb->base_prefix` to point to the existing 'signups' table. I've
 table-produces-sql-errors opened a thread] at the plugin's WP repo.

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