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#6650: Optimizing Media with the Attachment Library
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 Thanks for your reply @edfullman1

 > All of these plugins basically work the same way with the exception of
 S3-Uploads. Basically none of them can handle the avatars and cover
 photos, only media files stored with posts.

 This is inspiring me 2 things :
 1. I've been working on a plugin lately that changes the avatar dir /
 avatar url according to the requested object and item id (eg: group having
 the ID 1 or user having the ID 42..). And BuddyPress is including the
 needed filters to achieve what you're suggesting for avatars and cover
 2. The [https://github.com/buddypress/bp-attachments/ BP Attachments]
 plugin is using a very similar way WordPress uses for their attachments,
 it would be interesting to see how it behaves with these plugins (you'll
 need latest trunk to test this plugin).

 What boonebgorges says here:
 > And it'll mean that we have to do various tricks to keep that content
 *out* of the regular Media Library view, since you presumably will not
 want to see thousands of avatars when finding a picture of your cat to
 embed in a blog post :)

 is very important i agree at 100%.

 Cover images or Avatars don't need to be "organized" in the database,
 because it's basically one file (or 2 files for the avatar - thumb/full)
 in a directory restricted to the object. So adding entries to the
 database, imho, would really be too bad. Of course i'm really open to hear
 and take in account arguments proving i'm wrong :)

 The approach for the BP Attachments plugin is a bit different because one
 user can share more than one file (hopefully!). And i think keeping the
 files generated by this plugin out of the WordPress Media Library is
 *still* very important.

 I see the WordPress Media Library more like public content to use to
 "prettify" your posts and pages.

 The *future* BuddyPress Attachments Library will have to face more
 complexity, starting with "Privacy" and the very big difference is: it
 will target BuddyPress specific objects like Users, Groups, Private
 messages... which all *are not* post types :). As a result these are not
 content to use to "prettify" a blog post or a page and shouldn't introduce
 any confusion being in the WordPress Media Library loop (not to mention
 potential troubles with Attachments gallery plugin!). Of course the
 Administrator should be able to moderate these contents but i really think
 it's best to do it somewhere else in the Administration.

 If you are interested, we've been talking about it on this ticket #5429,
 and i would love if you could contribute to the BP Attachments plugin:
 because i strongly believe the enhancement you're suggesting is more
 relative to it ;)

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