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Thu Oct 15 03:43:47 UTC 2015

#6663: Allow plugins to format profile-related notifications.
 Reporter:  dcavins               |       Owner:  dcavins
     Type:  enhancement           |      Status:  accepted
 Priority:  normal                |   Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Component - XProfile  |     Version:  2.3.3
 Severity:  normal                |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  has-patch             |

Comment (by boonebgorges):

 The approach in the patch looks fine to me.

 A little background on the `xprofile` vs `profile` thing. `xprofile` is an
 optional component, and when it's disabled, BuddyPress uses some
 information from the WordPress user profile to fill in stuff like "display
 name". So I think `profile` was chosen as the top-level component name in
 order to account for these cases, so that you could grab something from
 `$bp->profile` without knowing whether xprofile was active. In retrospect,
 it probably doesn't make much sense for xprofile to share a key with WP
 profile info #blamepeatling but here we are. In general, I'd say you
 should be using `xprofile` to refer to things that are dependent on `bp-
 xprofile`, and only use `profile` when you need compatibility with the
 global key (or in certain cases, the activity `component`).

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