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#6650: Optimizing Media with the Attachment Library
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 Thank you very much for all the hard work with: Avatars, Cover Photos.

 I'd like to suggest that all the great work on the Attachment Library is
 inevitably going to drive more media being stored on Wordpress Servers.
 While Cover Photos are a relatively new addition to Buddypress very likely
 some kind of multi-part file like on IOS or even video will be the next
 request. As a result storage, dev-ops complexity, media integrity, and the
 general limitations of optimizing a Wordpress/Buddypress will be impacted.

 In general, moving media off of a Wordpress server to S3 and other
 solutions is an objective for developer/dev-ops in order to minimize the
 on-server file operations, and improve performance. There a number of
 plugin makers that are busily building solutions to move the media library
 to S3 and other off-server storage locations.

 If the avatars and cover photos could be saved in a part of the media
 library then they would automatically be candidates to be moved off the
 server by these plugins.  Getting existing data into the library would be
 the challenge, and then reverting the whole process for someone that
 didn't like the outcome would be an additional requirement. However, in
 general this would be a one-way path for most.

 Since there is so much work going on inside the attachments library this
 seems like a reasonable possibility, and an easy opportunity for an

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