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#6642: BP Template Versioning
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 Priority:  normal                       |   Milestone:  2.4
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Comment (by imath):

 Thanks a lot r-a-y for your feedback (and i forgot to mention in a
 previous comment, the big +1 by boonebgorges made me feel great).

 I must admit i was beginning to regret the time i've spent about all this,
 and the time others also spent on it because of me :)

 Maybe i'm the one to blame because i haven't took the time to explain what
 i was thinking of before actually doing it. I'm like that, i like to do
 things / show things. Reason is probably it's hard for me to find the
 right words in english to explain :)

 From now on, i will think a lot more before doing things "fast &
 furiously" :)

 About .changelog.php: my idea was to display only the important changes
 but also include a button to let users get all the details just in case.

 About the doc block keyword `@internal{}}`. As i've said i'm not an
 expert. My idea was to find something that wouldn't bother documentation
 parsers, documentation experts… and use something very easy to edit for
 people overridding the templates who might not have any clue about doc
 blocks etc.

 According to what i've read: `@internal{}}` is not Parsed by Documentation
 parsers, so it was fine to me :)

 I thought the way WordPress does for plugin versions or theme versions, as
 very simple was interesting, and i was convinced WordPress was including
 functions to easily get these informations and found  `get_file_data()` :)
 Personally and to be honest my preference would have been to have :

  * BuddyPress - Activity Loop
  * Edited: 2.4.0
  * Created: 1.7.0
  * @package BuddyPress
  * @subpackage bp-legacy

 Because you're absolutely right:
 > Themes that have previously overriden bp-legacy template parts will need
 to manually add the @internal header to their template parts. This is
 probably a stumbling block.

 If it's too complex, i'm afraid people won't update it :)

 @r-a-y i've seen on internet this was the way to use `@internal{}}` : 2
 `}` at the end , so i just applied :)

 Side note about the keyword debate: WooCommerce is using `@version`.

 Why json ?

 - I thought i can easily use it in php, i can easily use it in javascript
 - It's easy to build a json file with a text editor, and humans can read

 > When the Templates tab fetches the changelog, it fetches the JSON file
 from Trac instead?
 I thought we needed to include the json in Core because i mainly live
 inside the Intranet world and Trac might not be reachable from this world
 :) I wanted to make sure people using BuddyPress to power their intranets
 could stay easily aware of template changes.

 But more globally, i agree with you :)

 > adding the changelog into core as a PHP file, which means more work for
 translators and also that this file could grow over time. So I am kind of
 against localizing the changelog.

 I agree at 100% with your argument.

 Thanks again for your feedback and your enthusiasm about it.

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