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#6642: BP Template Versioning
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Comment (by imath):

 So i've been working on a grunt task to do part of the job about this task
 > Need to browse trac for each template and navigate into their history to
 fetch changes in order to ba able to build the json change log.

 The tests i've made were with the
 https://github.com/buddypress/buddypress.git repo.

 What `grunt templates_changelog` is doing ?
 - It "git logs" the `bp-template/bp-legacy/buddypress` directory
 - It tries to do a funky link between the svn revision of the commit we
 can find in git-svn-id ... at trunk:{{{revision}}} and the list of BuddyPress
 major release versions (i've build a script to get the revision of the
 commit creating the tag on svn). So it shouldn't be 100% correct, because
 when we work on trunk for version X.X.0, we also work on branch X - 0.1..
 So this might need some eyes to check each log.
 - It builds the json object and write it in `bp-template/bp-legacy/`

 The only pieces of information that are missing are:
 - the version when the template was introduced,
 - the importance of the change introduced (low/critical..)

 I've updated the plugin https://github.com/imath/bp-template-checker so
 that if you use the grunt task, the plugin will use the generated
 changelog.json instead of the example included in it.

 See 6642.gruntlog.patch

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