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#6388: Groups single item home : improve the way we deal with custom front and
activity component
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Yeah, the approach seems much better. I'm not worried about what happens
 if an admin has implemented a custom `front.php` or `front-id-123.php`
 template but *not* updated the other templates - as you say, that's their
 responsibility. I just want to make sure that sites without any
 `front.php` (that is, all existing BP sites!) continue to work as before.

 As for your question from Slack:

 > . I can see another potential risk with plugins now :( if some (i think
 it's many actually) are using bp_is_group_home() to check they are on the
 group's activity page then we might break some of their features :( What
 do you think if we deprecate bp_is_group_home() in favor of
 bp_is_group_front() and make bp_is_group_home() act like
 bp_is_group_activity() ?

 The change you suggest would break plugins that expect
 `bp_is_group_home()` to report whether you're looking at
 `example.com/groups/foo/`, with no `bp_current_action()`. That is, after
 all, what "group home" suggests. So I say no: if we're going to allow
 custom group front pages, we should keep `bp_is_group_home()` just as it
 is. Let's make a blog post about it for bpdevel.

 One thing that would make things easier is if `example.com/groups/foo/`,
 with 'activity' set to the home page, made it true that
 `bp_is_group_activity()`. It doesn't do that, because it'd mean manually
 setting the `current_action` during
 `BP_Groups_Component::setup_globals()`. Is there any reason we can't do
 this? Or maybe `bp_is_group_activity()` should be smarter: it checks for
 `bp_is_current_action( 'activity' )` OR `bp_is_group_home() &&
 activity_is_the_front_page_for_this_group()` (replace that with a real way
 to check ;) ). This way, we can tell people that they ought to use
 `bp_is_group_activity()` for, well, checking if you're looking at group
 activity :)

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