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#6740: BP_IGNORE_DEPRECATED and the message component
 Reporter:  wpdennis               |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)           |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                 |   Milestone:  2.5
Component:  Component - Messaging  |     Version:  2.1
 Severity:  normal                 |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  needs-patch            |
Changes (by r-a-y):

 * version:   => 2.1


 It's due to r8559.  We enqueue the `'bp-messages-autocomplete'` CSS, but
 the CSS is never registered if `BP_IGNORE_DEPRECATED` is set to true.

 If we undeprecate jQuery autocomplete, everything should work again.

 Or, we can do what DJPaul wanted and that is use the new
 `BP_Members_Suggestions` class to power message autocomplete.

 > Before 2.4.0 I haven't had this issue but I'm not sure whether there
 were CSS changes in 2.4.0 or this was because of some customizing on my
 end that stopped working now.

 Not sure why you never had this issue in BP 2.4.0, wpdennis.  Must be
 something custom?  What theme are you using?  If you're using one of the
 WordPress Twenty themes, we do have some CSS styles specific to
 autocomplete.  Maybe we changed something there?  I need to take a closer
 look to be sure.

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