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#6747: Notice: Undefined index: max_groups
 Reporter:  slaFFik             |       Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)        |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal              |   Milestone:  2.5
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I've done some research here (my first time figuring out how the
 Customizer works with widgets). It looks like the "problem" is this. When
 adding a widget via widgets.php, an AJAX request is performed that
 involves serializing the widget control form (`$widget->form()`) as part
 of the POST payload, and then running it through `$widget->update()` on
 the server. So `WP_Widget` classes can safely assume that, by the time
 `widget()` is first run (ie, the markup is generated), the `form()`
 elements will have been processed at least once. This is a ''de facto''
 technique for enforcing a widget's "default options".

 When adding widgets via the Customizer, the `form` -> `update()` routine
 is not run. (It *does* run when saving widget options in the Customizer,
 after the widget has been added.) It seems to me that this is a bug, or at
 least a shortcoming, of the Customizer's Widgets implementation, which is
 in part due to some serious shortcomings of the WP Widgets API. I've
 brought it up with the Customizer team to get their thoughts.

 In the meantime, I think we (and all WP plugin authors!) need to be aware
 that the method responsible for generating widget markup, `widget()`, must
 be self-sufficient. That is, it should be able to be called without
 expecting anything to be in the database. Something
 [attachment:6747.patch] is a cheap way of doing it. We might also consider
 sweeping through our widget classes and defining some defaults in a more
 standardized way - maybe in a `default_args()` method - which can be used
 both in `form()` and in `widget()`.

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