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#6460: core function for all  calls to wp_mail
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 > For example: the hooks in wp_mail() don't tell you where in BP the call
 came from.

 We could do this by adding a BP-specific email header like `X-BuddyPress:
 mention` to each type of BP email, then you would be able to identify this
 with the 'wp_mail' filter, although it would still be a pain to parse out
 all email headers for this one header.

 This sounds like the most sensible plan for us.

 > templating

 I've had an idea for awhile now to do something like how imath did for
 Attachments.  Allow the bp-legacy to bundle email templates.  Although
 boonebgorges does have a point about how "you would want to apply to *all*
 emails coming from your system" to use the same template.

 > It seems to me that any customizations you make to email originating
 from BP (templating, using an external service like Mandrill, etc), you
 would want to apply to *all* emails coming from your system - including
 those sent by plugins that don't use bp_wp_mail() as well as those
 generated by WP core.

 These are essentially the main issues in determining whether we should
 even have a core BP email solution.  Or whether it makes sense for these
 type of ideas to be part of a WP email plugin.

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