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#6457: buddypress.css stylesheet overloading behavior change in 2.3-RC1
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 So this old trick has worked since BP1.7: Add an empty file called
 `buddypress.css` at `my-theme/css/buddypress.css` to prevent BP from
 loading its own stylesheet from bp-legacy.


 DJPaul made a change in r9630 that allows BP to use minified assets when
 available, but since BP is looking for the minified version, the old trick
 fails. In this brave new minified world, the theme dev needs to add  `my-
 theme/css/buddypress.min.css` to get the old behavior back.

 This could be surprising for theme developers. We have no idea how many
 sites this will affect (probably not very many?), but is there any better
 way to keep the behavior consistent? Or maybe updating that old article
 and writing a new post about best practices would be the better answer?

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