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#6435: Core Shortcode Support
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Comment (by imath):

 Chiming in :)

 First i don't think bowe-codes is not working anymore so @freetheweb you
 should be able to use it. It's true it's been a while i haven't updated
 it, sorry for that.

 @boonebgorges, i will need to refresh my memory but as far i can remember
 about shortcodes and BuddyPress content.
 - it's important to catch the different loop globals and reset it in the
 shortcodes, because this kind of content can be put anywhere in the blog.
 - i think i didn't use any of the existing templates to have very simple
 markups and avoid some actions to be triggered.
 - users want a UI to build there shortcodes
 - some want the shortcode to be usable as a widget..

 More globally i can see an interest for BuddyPress to have shortcodes, but
 i think we should wait for https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcode-ui/ to
 be in WordPress core so that it's easier to preview the result of the
 shortcode directly in the editor. I'll need to check this feature as a
 plugin really soon :)

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