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#6425: Avatar screen: Remove "Camera" tab if webcam not supported
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Comment (by imath):

 I think this is not a good idea

 > The con is those with webcams will see the browser's "wants to use your
 camera" prompt even on the avatar's "Upload" tab. This could annoy people,
 which is why I'm not sure if this issue is worth addressing.
 That's not acceptable.

 1. I think it's important to inform the problem comes from the browser
 they are using, i'd be more happy to add a link about getUserMedia
 support, so that it's easier for a member to see what browser to use to
 get the feature.
 2. Admins can disable the tab using `add_filter( 'bp_avatar_use_webcam',
 '__return_false' );` at any time if they don't feel comfortable with the
 new feature.
 3. If we are to do this (which is from my point of view a bad idea), this
 should be fixed on the server part to avoid the script to be loaded like
 i'm doing with wp_is_mobile() (see the `bp_avatar_use_webcam()` function).
 WordPress is giving us some globals like `$is_IE` we could use as this
 feature only works on Chrome and Firefox.

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