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#5192: User roles with differents profile fields
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Comment (by Offereins):

 So I ran into a UX maven the other day... Made me decide to split the
 requirement from the member-type assignment and maybe, just maybe, have at
 least the latter finished in time for inclusion in 2.3 (I know the
 deadline sorta passed).

 On the member-type/requirement split: after giving it some thought, it
 makes sense that in the future, fields may get more member-type specific
 attributes than just Field Requirement, like Field Visibility for example.
 This means that tying member-type assignment and requirement together is
 restricting these future enhancements.

 So with this in mind, I think it is best to setup member types for fields
 first. All other member-type specific field attributes can be added
 through plugins or later inclusion.

 All said, here is the feature plugin for field member-types:

 * Works with BP 2.2
 * Assign member types through checkboxes in a metabox on the Edit Field
 * Metabox only shows up when there is any member type registered
 * Profile '''fields are removed''' on a member's page through the
 `bp_xprofile_get_hidden_fields_for_user` filter, where other access
 restrictions are checked too.
 * Plugin has it's own implementation of `bp_has_member_type()`

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