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#6521: Extended profile field name "Required" label produces odd HTML
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     Type:  defect (bug)          |      Status:  new
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Component:  Component - XProfile  |     Version:  2.3.2
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Comment (by hnla):

 >That is a good question: do the aesthetics of the php or the resultant
 html matter more? ;)

 This is a null question!

 PHP is a service provider it processes and returns directives to the
 server so a document can be assembled to comply with the http request. In
 this sense it matters not what PHP looks like but matters very much what
 it returns in terms of HTML especially given factors such as white space
 have meaning in HTML not just within cdata blocks - natural inline
 spacing, describe a series of inline forground images
 `<img></img><img></img><img></img>` you'll note an odd white spacing
 between elements, split those elements to new lines and this vanishes.

 However human readable code always matters, especially where we mix
 scripting and markup.

 Are we saying the white space in `esc_html_e( ' (required)'` is compacted?

 I'm not clear why in the original code block we have a formatting issue
 when rendered as markup we should be rendering simple strings from those
 two functions in the label element.

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