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#6186: "id" definition missing on member index page (styling issue)
 Reporter:  yosmc               |       Owner:
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Component:  API - Theme Compat  |     Version:  2.2
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Comment (by hnla):

 Thanks for reporting this yosmc.

 Our Navs in respect of class & ID tokens are a little in need of review
 and updating.

 However as Paul says we are sort of consistently inconsistent; in reality
 we do not use the ID 'object-nav' on any but the user account navigational
 elements on the parent navigation. The navigation you are referring to -
 the BP dir navs have only ever been classed with the global 'item-list-
 tabs' the awkward aspect is that we do then give all sub navigation
 elements the parent id '#subnav' so one has to be quite alert when adding
 and maintaining styles.

 I think to try and rectify things for these templates is probably not the
 best use of time and resources, we do acknowledge the need, overall, to
 address templates though and it's then that we could have the opportunity
 to properly re-think these elements and perhaps update class names such as
 'item-list-tabs' to be less about visual descriptive presentation probably
 something nearer to 'bp-nav-lists' which further more specific naming of
 navs within their context.

 In addition we do have a navigational function that hasn't officially been
 used to date `bp_nav_menu()` but which exists and works and we may look at
 that in future template updates and this might help influence choice of
 id/class tokens.

 Hopefully we might look at a fresh set of BP templates for 2.4 and
 navigational aspects like this will part of that review, and yours and
 others feedback when this is underway will be invaluable.

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