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#6530: Activity items are not created when parent item is not found
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 Cross-posted as a follow-up to #6478.

 I have experienced activity items not being created when "Allow activity
 stream commenting on blog and forum posts" is on. It appears that @r-a-y's
 observation on #6478 that "Create a new blog post. (This may be the
 difference.)" is correct.

 The reason is that when a new activity item's parent activity item is not
 found then, instead of falling back to creating an "independent" activity
 item, no activity item is created at all.

 See: https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/browser/trunk/src/bp-blogs/bp-

 There are a number of possible reasons for the absence of a parent item,

 * BuddyPress has been enabled on an existing WordPress instance
 * Site Tracking component has been enabled after posts have already been

 This is true for all post types that are added via the
 `bp_blogs_record_comment_post_types` hook. I haven't tested with the new
 method, but looking at the code I expect the behaviour to be the same.
 Ideal solution would be that if the parent item is not found, that the
 previous behaviour of adding an independent activity item is maintained.

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