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#6517: bp_create_excerpt returning mall-formed markup - mb_strlen issues?
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that
 reg expressions were cool

 Save your scorn for a time when regular expressions are actually part of
 the problem :)

 bp_create_excerpt( 'foo <a>bar</a> baz', 5, array( 'exact' => true, 'html'
 => false ) );

 //  'html' is false so include tag count
 // 'exact' is true so return literal string length

 //  returns 'foo <'

 // Result returns parsed markup as character data.
 // Result not as expected?
 // We need to strip tags from an literal count of characters if including
 markup in count
 // lest we land on a portion of that markup inadvertently?

 No, I think this is incorrect. `html=false` implies that the input should
 be treated as a simple string - we should not be doing any parsing of it.
 If a developer chooses to combine `exact=true` with `html=false`, that's
 their prerogative. I can imagine situations where someone might want to
 use this function to get an exact-length excerpt (for reasons other than
 display within a web page).

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