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#6525: Members and Groups avatars: Allow to set 'title' argument
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Comment (by hnla):

 I agree in principle with adding some of these but would ask what the use
 case is or the perceived necessity.

 The use of the title attribute is intended to be one where it's use adds
 needed additional info on a link or element however it's usefulness in
 this sense has always been questioned due to browser/devise support.

 I would prefer we didn't add title attributes simply cos they exist and we
 can as that's an inappropriate use of them.

 In some cases in the patch we double up where there is an element that can
 and does carry the 'alt' attribute adding in a title attribute with same
 value - not necessarily a bad thing though.

 If we add these it might be preferable to set the default as empty only
 adding the attr if the user passes one across - although that does mean it
 may be a struggle to find how to pass values of a more complex nature?

 I'm not discouraging the use of the attr though just that we need to look
 at each piece of data we pass to it to ensure it's relevant and


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