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#5121: Review and improve capabilities checks
 Reporter:  ericlewis               |       Owner:  johnjamesjacoby
     Type:  enhancement             |      Status:  accepted
 Priority:  normal                  |   Milestone:  Future Release
Component:  API - Roles/Capability  |     Version:
 Severity:  normal                  |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  dev-feedback            |

Comment (by boonebgorges):

 In [changeset:"9957"]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="9957"
 Convert second parameter of `bp_current_user_can()` to an `$args` array.

 This makes the syntax simpler for the vast majority of use cases, where an
 explicit `blog_id` doesn't need to be specified. It also makes it possible
 pass additional arguments, such as an `item_id`, to

 An integer passed as the second parameter will trigger the backward-
 compatibility layer.

 Props thebrandonallen, r-a-y.
 See #5121. Fixes #6501.

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