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#6148: Default "Profile" page
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Comment (by web24coder):

 Hi guys

 I'm working on this task and faced with one issue. I can't get a list of
 pages for Groups from Admin dashboard (e.g. Home, Members, Send Invites,
 Manage, etc.).

 If I use bp_get_options_nav() function which includes object field
 $bp->bp_options_nav then the page data are connected with groups via
 array. But if I use such field $bp->bp_options_nav from Admin dashboard
 the array of pages (Home, Members, Send Invites, Manage, etc.) is absent.

 Is there any possibility to get a list of pages from Admin Dashboard by
 another way?

 Thank you!


 I attached the array from Frontend and JPG of part of it (to be more
 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgyvcguwy8gw5al/array_bp.txt?dl=0 (txt file)

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