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#6570: Add UI for adding Profile Header Images for Users and Groups
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Comment (by BuddyBoss):

 Replying to [comment:4 johnjamesjacoby]:
 > We should talk to the @buddyboss folks and see how they've handled this.
 Maybe there's opportunity to learn from their experience and adapt it to

 We're using plupload. It's worked out nicely, works on phones and is
 pretty compatible across browsers. Although currently we can't do cropping
 like you have with BP Attachments API. We've considered switching to use
 BP Attachments API, but it would be problematic when someone disables
 BuddyPress. As a theme it needs to work with or without BP.

 If you're adding it to core, yeah it should probably be done using
 Attachments API. Then maybe we could disable the cover photo if BP is
 disabled, and then hook into BP's native cover photo functionality with BP

 @modemlooper Your mockup to drag the handles is great, that is how users
 wish it worked. We store the image taller than we need and crop it
 vertically within the div, so when the browser goes mobile and content
 necessarily gets taller, there is still more image left to display. This
 is something to consider, otherwise text will spill out of the image on
 mobile layouts.

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