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#5715: Profile image placeholders
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 Replying to [comment:8 boonebgorges]:
 > Aesthetically, I like this much better than Gravatar's fallbacks
 (mysteryman, etc).

 > We'd need to think carefully about character sets. How does this work in
 non-Latin scripts? Alphabetic scripts (Cyrillic, Greek, etc) should just
 need another set of first letters. I don't know enough about names in non-
 alphabetic scripts to know how/whether something similar could work.
 Probably won't work with some Asian languages, which are more pictoral and
 character-based. Should work similarly with Cyrillic (Greek seems exactly
 same as Cyrillic :-P and extended Latin)

 > As DJPaul notes, we'd need to think carefully about how/whether the
 feature would integrate with Gravatar.
 I think at the moment Gravatars take precedence. If no Gravatar exists
 then this one steps in. So this replaces mystery man, not Gravatars. I
 agree we should cache Gravatars, but I suppose that's a completely
 separate issue.

 > It'd also be nice to allow users to set their own background color.
 I actually disagree. I would rather discourage them from falling back on
 anything except their real photo.

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