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#6556: BP Core Frontend Templates Refactoring
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 To some extent I'm playing devil's advocate here. I'm not fundamentally
 opposed to a complete rewrite. I just want to make sure that if we're
 going to cause disruption - to the core team and to site admins/devs -
 then we should make sure it's well worth our while.

 The discussion about refactored templates would probably be much easier to
 have if we had something to look at. It sounds like a good idea to start
 another repo somewhere to sketch something out. Likewise, there's no point
 in completely rebuilding our JS if it's going to become obsolete due to a
 full rewrite of our templates, so I'd suggest that the JS teardown wait
 until we have new markup.

 I'd suggest handling the extraction of markup from core functions as a
 separate task, as it can be done piecemeal, and to a large extent within
 the context of bp-legacy. Some specific JS improvements - like the
 extraction of jQuery.cookie - can also be done in standalone tickets.

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