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#6559: nav implode() error when using BUDDYPRESS_LATE_LOAD
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Comment (by useStrict):

 Hi DJPaul,

 Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of Membermouse either - I had to try it
 directly on a client's staging site. To make matters worse, I suspect a
 large chunk of the their code is garbled by base64 as I failed to find
 several apply_filters() calls via ack-grep or grep.

 I was giving this more thought overnight and figured that perhaps casting
 {{{$menu_item->classes}}} as an array could do the trick better than my
 previous solution.

 preg_match( '/\sbp-(.*)-nav/', implode( ' ', (array) $menu_item->classes),
 $matches );

 Anyway, I'll try contacting the Membermouse team to try and get a copy to
 figure out why MM fails to restrict views if BuddyPress is loaded first.


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