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#5192: User roles with differents profile fields
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Changes (by boonebgorges):

 * keywords:  has-patch => needs-patch


 Thanks, all!

 > I guess my previous suggestion is not a good idea, so i won't insist
 anymore, although i really think a user_id shouldn't be required to fetch
 fields for a specific member type.

 imath, my apologies. I didn't understand your previous suggestion until
 now. I think you're right - we should be fetching fields that are
 applicable to a specific set of member types. Let me work on this in the
 next patch.

 As for how this affects registration: For v1, I think you're right that we
 should exclude restricted fields from registration. Devs can add custom UI
 to pull in these fields dynamically if they want. Maybe down the road we
 can add something like this to core.

 > One thing that may confuse devs at first, is that the
 'bp_xprofile_field_member_types' filter may contain '_none' and 'none',
 both not real member types.

 Ah, right. I think we need to keep 'none', because it's meaningful for
 devs ("users with no type"), but we should remove `'_none'` before it hits
 that filter - devs should never see it.

 > Should we disallow registration of member types with the '_none' or
 'none' key?

 Yes, I meant to do this, but I forgot :) Will be in the next patch.

 > I'm really pleased with copying the i18n text-domain from my plugin :)

 Oops :)

 I'll work on a second patch.

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