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#5577: xProfile Field Groups rendered in wrong order in User > Profile > View
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     Type:  defect (bug)          |      Status:  reopened
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Component:  Component - XProfile  |     Version:
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 I'm having this same problem. On the boss theme. I remember it being in
 the correct order at some point so it might be a plugin issue. I'm going
 to look further into this and start disabling plugins but I'm going to
 wait till later tonight when I have less traffic.

 I use ubuntu 14.04
 apc cache,
 Boss theme 1.17
 and tons of plugins see below.

 Buddy dev bp auto login on activation
 buddy dev stealth mode for site admin
 all in one wp security
 better wordpress minify
 BP default email   notification settings control
 BP redirect to profile
 BP You are blocked
 BUddy Dev Branded login for buddy press
 BuddyBoss Wall
 Buddypress Automatic Friends
 Buddypress BLock Activity Steam types
 Buddypress Captchia
 Buddypres Edit Activity
 Buddypress GLobal Search
 Buddypress Username Changer
 Email Login
 Google Authenticator
 Mailchimp for WOrdpress
 Spam Referrer BLock
 Stop Spammers Spam Control
 WP better emails
 wp Mandrill
 Wp User Avatar

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