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#5192: User roles with differents profile fields
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Comment (by Offereins):

 Yup. I can see how your labeling clearifies the interaction with it. It
 just makes me think whether the xprofile meta table would be overloaded
 with irrelevant data when, as you say, fields will be intended for all
 member types most of the time. Besides that, I wonder what it means to
 have none of the boxes checked. Would the field become lost? Don't get me
 wrong, I like your implementation of the layout. I'm just not sure how it
 plays out data-wise.

 As for point a/1), while that issue wouldn't exist with my implementation
 (*wink*), I'd like to **go with option `i`**, since it would be the least
 hacky and could also account for installations that have the plugin
 already installed. It was the first solution that came to my mind as well.

 Option `ii` would be counterintuitive regarding the meaning of the
 (un)checked status of the member type boxes. This sort-of counts for
 option i as well.

 For option `iii` I have no idea why/how that would be a good idea.

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