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Wed Jul 1 12:41:00 UTC 2015

#6544: Use WP 4.3 site icon feature to set a blog's "profile photo"
 Reporter:  imath              |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement        |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal             |  Milestone:  2.4
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 Severity:  normal             |   Keywords:  has-patch 2nd-opinion
 I've been testing the WP 4.3 site icon feature. An administrator will be
 able to set his site icon into the general settings of his blog. If we
 remind ourselves about #192, that was the place i thought of for allowing
 an administrator to set his blog's profile photo :)

 As #6026 is dependent of #6534 progresses. I think we should generate a
 blog's profile photo when his site icon has been set. Once we'll be able
 to make progress on #6026, we'll only need to create a new tab into the
 uploader UI to let the admin use the Site icon if he has set one or use a
 regular avatar upload.

 To create a blog's profile photo i'm using the function i've suggested on
 #5202 (i've included it in this ticket's patch to ease testing.)

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