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#6154: tie existing role to bp_register_member_type
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     Type:  enhancement              |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                   |   Milestone:  Future Release
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Comment (by youmin):

 Its unfortunate situation, is their any code so that i can use at least i
 can tie two user roles (subscriber and author) for my project.

 first of all i dont wanna let users change their roles once they (roles)
 selected by members, and i also dont wanna let a type of member to edit
 posts of their own, nor 'others posts they have to be just subscribers
 [eg: student role == subscribers ] and [ eg: teacher role == author ].

 before BP 2.2 their were half cooked solutions for this problem, by using
 xprofile filed data when i heard abut v2.2 i taught this problem is gonna
 solve but its not unfortunately.

 to do this again i have to create profile fields (these are all half
 cooked solutions for BP v1.5 etc there is no absolute solution for this
 till now. ), but if i try to do so their is no reason for me to use member
 types, to just show the users a extra meta box .

 and also if i makes profile field [for xprofile data ] same as the member
 types it feels nonsense to display same meta boxes twice.

 so i have only one option left either drop member types since its dont
 have ability to restrict certain type of user Or if their is a solution
 then never look back to those 'if xprofile have data thing' which old
 codes are not gonna work, i know that.

 so i am requesting for devs to dont let this awesome piece of code in bare
 bones. and i also request you sir to please dont set the milestone for
 future release. at least provide a temporary solution.

 again i am repeating ,

  A Teacher can edit post can have capabilities of author,  and

  A student must not interfere in others work so he must be a subscriber.

 and lastly if a user selects his member type its over only one time
 selection, then only admin can change it. if we let it open to change,
 their will be a mess and wrong usage of this powerfull code.

 EG: for the first day a user is student, or staff  then in evening he can
 show as he is a teacher, or doctor. isnt a joke.

 and lastly sorry for my long explaination.
 and expecting a solution soon.

 thank you very much.

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