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#6095: Define behavior for group status
 Reporter:  tandreatta              |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement             |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                  |   Milestone:  Future Release
Component:  Groups                  |     Version:  2.1
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I think that individual properties like this on `BP_Groups_Group` objects
 is a clunky approach. We should store these properties on the group type
 objects instead, and fetch them from there dynamically. I do like the idea
 of having `BP_Groups_Group` methods for getting the information, but we
 probably can't rely on this for a first pass, because we don't use real
 `BP_Groups_Group` objects everywhere. Notably, in a `bp_has_groups()`
 loop, the returned objects are *not* proper group objects. We can and
 should fix this, but it's probably a bigger task than is necessary to get
 the basic functionality in place here.

 >> Running status names through ucfirst() will not work as a general
 > But it works for defaults (public, private, hidden). And there are
 filters. And there is translation support.

 Not all languages use `ucfirst()`-type capitalization in the way that we
 do. It won't be the case in all languages that the internal label will be
 a meaningful label. The internal keys for the group types should *not* be
 translatable - they're stored in the database, and should be persistent
 and reliably the same from the point of view of the code. Etc. But these
 are implementation details that can wait until we have a better sense of
 what we want the group type API to look like.

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